My Work In Video Game Journalism


Detroit: Become Human - Game Review

Detroit: Become Human was the first game I reviewed for Collider Games. We were invited to a sneak peek press event where we conducted and interview with Writer and Director at Quantic Dream, David Cage. From then on we had a stellar relationship with both Quantic Dream and Sony Playstation that allowed me to have in depth analysis before the games release. While being a relatively new outlet to these companies, we conducted ourselves with professionalism and expertise that built a strong relationship for our future work with Sony.


Life Is Strange 2 - Trailer Breakdown

Form a strong working relationship with SquareEnix after E3, I was personally in a great place to analyze this trailer the day that is dropped. I preparation for Life Is Strange 2, I had played all the way through the first series and through the 1 episode prologue Captain Spirit. I was happy to see many of my predictions from this trailer come true, and proud that my gaming knowledge and willingness to research paid off in such a big way.


Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Everything You Need To Know

This Video was one of the most intensive to research as it required knowing all the lore from a decade and a half old cult classic game. I played through the game, captured footage, developed my analysis based on new trailers and interviews, then presented all the info in an easily digestible package.


My Written Work With Collider