News Cycle Video Producer

I was Senior Video Producer at Collider Games where I coordinated our E3 and SDCC coverage. This included scheduling a full slate of developer interviews and first looks as well as press conference coverage and “on the floor” reactions. I produced, shot, and edited over 50 videos in my time with Collider Games.

Podcast Producer

I have Produced several podcasts including the Nerd Reactor CosCast, and the Collider Games Podcast. This was not only about scheduling talent and keeping a weekly release standard, but also about monitoring and managing tech from offsite acquisition all the way to distribution. I have Produced over 100 hours of audio content.


Technical Producer

Every team needs a tech minded member to take the reigns and translate creative needs to technicians, to understand technical requirements and costs of a project, and to ensure a high fidelity product from beginning to end. My experience as a Technical Director, Cinematographer, and Lead Technician has given me the technical knowledge and expertise to enjoy easily piecing together the equipment and personnel needed for any project.

Social Media Producer

Having someone that understands the nuance of each social media platform is key to a successful social media campaign. Beyond simply exporting content in the correct format, audiences use Instagram differently to how they use YouTube, or Facebook, or Twitter. I have produced Social media content for Formula 1 teams, entertainments news outlets, and Live events. I have experience acting as a one man band, or as the head of a team, and I can always deliver the right branding to the desired audience.